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Talks with Mali Klein on Essiac

Essiac Interview Series with Mali Klein at Arupa in August 2018

In this series of 11 videos Mali answers many questions about Essiac and its use.
The Essiac videos range from 2 to 13 minutes in length depending on the subject matter.

We have taken great care in producing these videos and hope you get as much out of them as we have.

We at Arupa are very grateful to Mali for sharing her extensive knowledge about Essiac with us.

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As a herbal remedy, Essiac has survived the annals of time. In 1893 the original formula was successfully used by a Native American medicine man to treat a very sick miner’s wife. This secret recipe was passed onto a pioneering nurse, Rene Caisse. She called the original formula “Essiac”, which is a reversal of her name. She also brought Essiac to prominence in the field of health and had it recognised by eight well-respected Canadian doctors later in 1926.

These early beneficial results would thereafter change the life of Rene Caisse, and the lives of her patients. The full intriguing story can be accessed in the book “The Essiac Essentials Handbook” by Mali Klein, published in 2016.

Nurse Rene Caisse at Bracebridge Clinic 1939 –

The legacy of Essiac continued with Rene Caisse’s confidants Sheila Snow and Mary MacPherson and then with Mali Klein who, over 20 years, independently evaluated the documents and evidence she holds as the custodian of the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive. Mali Klein also brought the indigenous formula to Europe and formed the UK charity Clouds Trust in 1997.

The Rumex Classic formula uses four herbs: Sheep Sorrel tops and root, Burdock root, Turkey Rhubarb root and Slippery Elm bark. It is easily brewed at home into a tea which may be drunk once or twice a day.

According to Rene Caisse, the tea had to include Sheep Sorrel root:

You can buy the crushed leaves but they are no good alone. […]  I do know that the whole plant is needed”.

– Sheila Snow with Mali Klein October 1996

The quality and quantity of the Sheep Sorrel root (rumex acetosella) in all Arupa formulae is key to achieving the most beneficial results and so there is a minimum of 30% of rumex acetosella root included in all Arupa Teas.

Ultimately, it is the successful harvesting of this essential ingredient that enables us to provide our customers with the very best quality herbs. For this reason we have gone to great lengths to partner with a second generation organic farming family. In keeping with the high standard of our Sheep Sorrel supply, all the herbs for the Arupa Teas are sourced from organic suppliers.

Mali Klein teaching at Arupa, August 2018  –

Dr. J. Moorby with Mali Klein August 2018

Mali Klein has been instrumental in supporting Arupa AG to reproduce Rene Caisse’s original formula for Europe and for customers the world over.

All Arupa teas are available in two varieties, with 30% and 90% root of the rumex acetosella. It has long been our ambition to be able to produce the strongest Rumex (Essiac) teas for you with the greatest amount of sheep sorrel root. The Arupa tea with 90% root content is something very special and we are extremely happy to finally be able to offer you this tea.

Rene Caisse’ vision was that all in need should have access to the authentic Essiac. We at Arupa are honoured to be able to fulfill our part in making this vision come true.